Foodology KeyWords



Here you can find the KeyWords of all the stories we met.



Story 1 – Crocevia Calabria :  Ecoruralis , Seeds, Centro Internazionale Crocevia, Crocevia Calabria, Food Sovereignity, MGO

Story 2: Storytelling

Story 3 – La Casa del Carro : Synergistic Gardening, Permaculture, Gnocchi, Pollino National Park, Zaffarana Pepper, Viaggio Lento

Story 4 – Slow Food Youth Network: Disco Soup, Terra Madre, Slow food, Slow Food Presidium in Calabria, Slow Food Presidium in Romania

Story 6 – Campagna Amica: Campagna Amica, Local food, Production Chain

Story 7 – L’Alveare Social Farm:  Agrama, Social Farming

Story 8 – L’Orto di Famiglia :  Orto di Famiglia

Story 9 – Open Source: Hacklab Cosenza, Open Source



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