Who We Are

Foodologyoung.eu is an exchange project for young people, presented and coordinated by the Italian organization Zagreus, in collaboration with the Romanian partner GEYC and funded  by Erasmus+ program.

zagreus_color     Zagreus – Creator and Leader

Zagreus is a creative space for projects in the fields of art and life long learning. Since 2006 it has made courses for teenagers as Theatre Workshop and ClownAbcCi. In 2014 it has created the first international exchange project funded by the European Union, The Boat. An Imaginary travel in Migration memories.
From 2014 starts a collaboration with Nuova Synapsis Orchestra for the project OperAct.
Its upcoming projects include performing arts, music, film and education in the field of arts. The culture comes from the social innovation. Improve yourself to improve the future!


geyc_color        GEYC – Romanian Partner

Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC is a Romanian NGO and is a member of the grand coalition for the digital work, a partnership sponsored by the European Commission. The purpose of the association is to give the possibility to young people to create positive change in their community. GEYC also is a member of the Advisory Council for Youth of the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Government of Romania).

Aims :

  • support education at local, national and international;
  • the promotion of social networks and new media technologies for personal and professional development of young people at local, national and international;
  • stimulate individual and organizational social responsibility at local, national and international;
  • promoting entrepreneurship at local, national and international;

Fields of action:
– Formation;
– Social media;
– The protection of human rights;
– Corporate social responsibility;
– Entrepreneurship